Revert to router orginal software

I have tp-link wa701nd v2 router I installed openwrt but I want to go back to its own software how can I do it

Probably by using serial on the PCB, unless you can find proof it's doable via Openwrt.

Guess you gave up the image creation ?

I can't go back?

Not what I said.

I try to write an image but I get an error, if I can solve the error I will write an image but there is no video on the internet

Some people actually get stuff done without using videos...

This might help

this looks like a lot of work, I'll stick with openwrt

With that attitude, it's no wonder you'd like to have a video ,)

Thank you for your help, do you have any information about the error?

About the error you haven't posted ?

Uploading: image.png…
i sended but you say "That's not an Openwrt question, and I'm sure google will be able to tell you."

The router is 14 years old and the security is probably uselss.

I would not trust it to be an AP only.

Ah, the "compiler error".

It's not, you're just too lazy to google "install GCC [dist name] [version]" properly.

I did a google search and got a few results, but it didn't work.

Can't help you with "it didn't work".

Thanks. Bye