Revert Archer C60 v3 to stock firmware and upgradeable

I have some issue. I just found a way to revert to stock firmware on Archer C60 v3 (EU) but version of this router is old. When i search updates on this router i can’t update it. When i download official firmware from TP-LINK i can’t install. Please help. I really want to update to latest version to fix some stupid error on this router like connectivity issue

Can you describe it more? Do you want upgrade openwrt or stock firmware?

I want to revert back to stock firmware

Check out this link: Help in unbricking TP-Link Archer C60 V3 - #21 by adrianschmutzler

You need get firmware from post 21 on that link. Then flash it using tftp method.

Yeah, thanks. I tried this link before, it’s works but it’s on old version, i can’t update to the latest version from that

The only solution is that. Or contact with adrianschmutzler.