Reverse proxy (wan) to (lan : servers on local machines) using Openwrt?

Hello, I want to make some services installed on VMs based on proxmox accessible from the outside (wan) just by hostnames (fqdn) without protforwording.

  • My domain is setup on cloudflare, with hostnames updated using DDNS: everything is ok.
    I tested the DNS A and CNAME .... records, but it allows access just for LAN but not the internet.
  • I want to use my router with openwrt to achieve this.

for exemple: web ports 80, 443 must be accessible for each hostname.
What is the best solution if theres any ?

I think what you need is a reverse proxy, for example NGINX.


Haproxy would be available as well, or lighttpd or apache2. All these services can be used for this purpose.


Thank you so much for your responses, but for nginx there are some missed packages.

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