Resubmit rsnapshot to the package repository?

Hi all,

I would like to use rsnapshot on a NAS I have running openwrt. It was a supported package at some point, but is not any longer. Anyone know why? I was able to hack a version and run it using a combination of this

And this

It would probably benefit from some tweaks as I had to manually change the rsnapshot.conf with things the package install should probably do, but nothing too crazy. Mainly wondering if someone knows why it would be a bad idea to resubmit. I won't be surprised if I am missing something

Are you sure that it was a official package?
I can't find anything about it in the commit history...
Probably the upstream package was renamed some time ago?

Hmm... no I am definitely not sure. I looked again, I think you are right it hasn't been an official package in openwrt. I jumped to thinking it was based on the comment headers. I had done a few git searches and didn't find it either but I am a novice in git so I thought I just searched incorrectly.

I have not done packages work before and I'll do some research to see what process is involved. Anyone have any guidance on the process to see it this package is worth submitting as an official package? I guessing there is probably limited demand for this on openwrt as a backup/snapshot tool on top of rsync. I am using it on NAS with drives in it. All of the dependant packages are there already so wasn't a big effort to get working, but maybe this is a case that I build on the side if no one else is looking for it?

cat feeds/packages/admin/backuppc/Makefile