Restricting access of wireless "Master" local network by wireless "Client"

i have two different wireless networks, one access internet of the other

however, both have their own local networks with plex media servers running on each network

i would like to not allow local network access to wireless client network

both routers have different ip addresses for example and

This is usually pretty easy with a firewall rule, assuming you control the 2nd/downstream router. It does depend how things are configured, but generally speaking, you can simply create a rule to drop or reject traffic to from the network.

If you need specifics, we need to know more about your network topology and config. Are both routers running OpenWrt?

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in the screenshot above "strawberry"(, is my ISP router, it does not run on openwrt, it has plex media server running on its local network

"cranberry"( runs on openwrt and has its own plex media server running on local network

"cranberry" should not allow "strawberry" to access its local network

"cranberry" only requires internet from "strawberry"

This happens by default if cranberry's uplink (to strawberry) is associated with the wan firewall zone (and also assuming you didn't modify the firewall configuration).

If you want to actively prevent hosts on the cranberry network from accessing those on the strawberry network, create a firewall rule that drops/rejects all protocols from src zone lan to destination network/IP

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thanks, hope you have a berrylicious day :slight_smile:

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