Restoring original firmware on AX3600, tftp trick not working

TLDR: will TFTP recovery work after flashing AX3600 with OpenWRT? Can I restore original firmware from OpenWRT webUI?

I have Xaiomi AX3600, which I flashed successfully with OpenWRT (on both partitions) a year or so ago, and now I want to rollback to original crappy proprietary fork.

I have tried TFTP recovery instructions from (from linux machine), got the blinky led, but nothing changes after an hour of steady orange.

OpenWRT is fully functioning, so I can click web buttons and do console magic.

Yes the tftp recovecy works in lan1 port. If you use linux machine you should see the messages about assigning ip address and about sending the firmware. I have no experience with windows tftp.

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I did everything from ArchLinux, no Windows issues this time.
dnsmasq showed ip assignment and device name properly when booting without holding reset, so that part worked fine. But there was nothing about ftp traffic.

Does it only work on LAN ports? I think I might have mindlessly used WAN, as it seemed like the right place to connect device that assigns IP's :smiley:

Only lan1 port in ax3600.

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TLDR: do I wait for blue blinking or blue steady?

Thanks, it was indeed wrong hole.
"dnsmasq-tftp: sent /home/deck/AX3600/C0A81F02.img to" :slight_smile:
Got DHCP and FTP logs, and LED now blinks blue, but now I am confused by wiki instructions.

On one line it states "Wait for until blue led get solid!"
and few lines later its "if the led is blinking blue led it means the device was flashed successfully and can be restarted".

I am getting mixed messages here. I am guessing blinking blue is good, but it's better to ask before bricking that brick.

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Blinking blue has been ok in my recoveries, never got a steady blue with ax3600.

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Thank you.

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