Restoring Netgear R6900v2 to Stock Firmware in Windows

Perhaps as a how to for others, or my Future Self, wondering how to restore or revert from OpenWRT to Stock Netgear R6900v2 Firmware in Windows 10+- :slight_smile:

First, this method of using TFTP from Netgear did NOT work on the R6900v2 (at least it didn't work for me).


  1. Download the latest firmware from Netgear
  2. Download nmrpflash - Netgear Unbrick Utility from here
  3. nmrpflash also requires npcap - download from here
  4. Install Npcap with "WinPcap Compatibility" enabled.
  5. image
  6. Extract nmrpflash to the same folder as C:\Program Files\Npcap
  7. Extract the Netgear Firmware to the same folder as C:\Program Files\Npcap
  8. Open a Command Prompt in Windows
  9. Change Directory to C:\Program Files\Npcap
  10. See these expanded/detailed instructions & troubleshooting here
  11. For me, it amounted to doing the following:
  12. Connecting a Cat6 Cable from my computer to the Router BUT USING PORT 4 (PORT 1 DID NOT WORK)
  13. Typing in this command to find the right interface: nmrpflash -L
  14. Mine returned net14 for the Wired Interface
  15. Turn OFF the router
  16. Type in this command: nmrpflash -i net14 -f R6900v2_V1.2.0.92_1.0.1.img
  17. Once "Waiting for Ethernet connection (Ctrl-C to skip)." is displayed,
  18. Then Turn ON the router, and wait for it to cycle through the following:
  • Advertising NMRP server on net14... /
  • Received configuration request from (mac ID here)
  • Sending configuration:
  • Received upload request: filename 'firmware'.
  • Uploading R6900v2_V1.2.0.92_1.0.1.img ... OK (xxxxxb)
  • Waiting for remote to respond.
  • Received keep-alive request (65) (NOTE this took at least 65 seconds; maybe longer)
  • Remote finished. Closing connection.
  • Reboot your device now.