Restoring factory firmware

I changed my router out for better coverage and I want to sell my old one. How successful is it to try to restore the factory firmware before selling it?

No way to answer that if you keep the model of your router as a secret...

(For quite many routers the reinstallation info can be found in the wiki.)


Usualy nvram erase && reboot works

I actually found it on the wiki.

It worked with no issues.

Except OpenWrt doesn't use NVRAM...


Sorry. I use dd wrt and tomato in the moment

And naturally "nvram erase" would not restore the OEM firmware even with dd-wrt or Tomato.
(It might erase settings, but would not magically re-flash the original OEM firmware...)

Yes sure...

I've read the OP post too fast:-)

But it wasn't the case in the past right?

True, but I think anything past OpenWrt 10.03 (and maybe even 10.03 itself already) just relies on UCI, and not on NVRAM settings anymore.

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