Restore WRT3200 from failed install

Hi All,

First time posting and new to OpenWRT.

I tried installing OpenWRT on a Linksys WRT3200 and it failed. The bad install is on the 1st partition and the working Linksys firmware is still on the 2nd partition.

Can anyone point me to instructions to restore the 1st partition in this scenario. I saw that if a partition failed 3 times that it would automatically revery, but that doesn't seem to be the case for me.

Which firmware is booting now (if any)?

The “auto-recovery” on Linksys dual-firmware units will typically try to boot “X” three times, then try “Y”, whichever version is X and Y. It doesn’t modify X, just tries the other.

Thanks for the quick reply! The working firmware is on partition 2, it's Linksys' OEM firmware

Did you install a release version (18.06.2?) or a master snapshot?

Keep in mind that master snapshots don't include the webinterface (luci), so you can't access the router with your browser and need to use ssh (try this first).

Disclaimer: I don't have any mvebu device and am not really following its development that closely, so I may very well be wrong.
I think there was (is?) an issue with mvebu/ master today, breaking the networking support - which means the router boots fine (3-failed-reboots doesn't trigger), but isn't accessible.

But anyways, in order to revert to the other partition on these Linksys devices, you simply don't let the the boot finish (power it on, wait a few seconds until it has started booting, yank power) booting three times in a row and the bootloader will switch the bootorder around.

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I tried installing the stable release. When I boot to partition 1, none of the lights are on except the one for partition 1. Which just blinks on/off.