Restore vendor image on dlink dir-842


I have to restore dlink dir 842 to original image due to some support casess i have opened. I've already tried several approaches:

Non of them work on factory images i can download from dlink support page. As far as i dig into documentation i read restore process maybe be quite specific for the device, as far as i can see there is no such chapter yet for this model. Some articles ( for example mention vendor image have to be stripped for it to be able to be used with standard restore tools. But i found that number of bits i need to strip again is specific... i tried with 82 and 32 (two basicially random numbers i found on pages for other devices..), obviously those attempts failed badly.

Can somebody help me here ? Frankly speaking i am not sure for what i am asking, whether i just need to find magic number to strip (or better how to find this number) or maybe there is another metod for it ?

Thanks in advance!

You could try to ask the people that worked on the OpenWrt images of this router.

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I was able to install the OEM firmware using the method described in this forum post D-LINK DIR-842 C3 installation

I didn't have to strip anything. Were you able to get to the emergency restore web-interface? Did you get any errors/warnings?

hey, i think method described in this post is pretty generic (same i followed to install openwrt, and it is working fine right now). My problem is when i get to U-boot ( i understand thats how emergency flash is called?) i cannot flash vendor image error is:


Unable to upload the image, please make sure the uploaded file is the correct image.

I tried with all available firmware version for C3 (my version) from here:

I am flashing bin files just to be clear :wink:

login: public / no pwd

actually i was reading through dev forum i found something like that:

To reinstall D-Link firmware: reuse the U-Boot safemod method, but upload C1 D-Link firmware. C3 are refused...

is it safe to try ? thats basicially what happen to me