Restore original FW on RP-WD007

Hi, i'm new on this forum
and I signed up because I have a problem with a product like this.
I have a RP- WD007.....i made a wrong (my fault) original firmware upgrade (Not OpenWrt) with the firmware of the new model (WD009) and now the Filehub doesn't you think it's possible to flash the original firmware in the same way of the WD03 you explain in this topic?! Somone can help me? @badzz This is the only place on the web where I have found something that talks about this things.
Thank you so much.

It should work, yes

Ok thanks @badzz , But how can i do it ? i don't have a backup and wich kind of firmware can i use? do you have kernel and rootfs for WD007?

Yes i do and it is shared above ( link should still work

It's the same for the RP-WD007?

Oups.. mis read.. let me check what I have

@badzz News for the RP-WD007 original firmware?! Thank you.

Sorry I am on holidays until end of week. I have my laptop with me and I will have a look. I remember backing it up, but I bricked one as well trying to put it on openwrt and could not recover.

Ip and protocol was different as well as far as I remember.


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Any news about the original firmware anda how to restore the bricked ravpower wd007?!?

have the same problem, can someone help with the necessary files for the ravpower wd007 and a short description how to reset