Respond to client probe

Hi all, I'm trying to spoof probe responses with fake signal level and/or no response given to the client at all (suppressing).

There are some ubus calls but without guidance I couldnt find the parameters needed. Only thing I found is to use no_probe_resp_if_seen_on=ifname which is not working properly (hostapd global single instance)

Need this in order to prevent dumb I mean "smart" clients needlessly steer to worse AP.

I'm on latest snapshot Archer C7 v5.

The problem here is that modern clients send probe requests under a random MAC address. This is an important feature for privacy. But the AP has no way to tell who is probing.

The ubus del_client call will ban a client MAC from a particular interface. Associate requests from that MAC will be rejected and probe requests from that MAC will be dropped. The part about probe requests won't work though since clients don't probe with their real MAC. So there is likely to be repeated disruption of connection as the client attempts to connect to what it sees as a valid AP.

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yes i tried del_client too and client just gets disconnected rather than staying on the band.

any other alternative?