Respect a good pocket router

hello have anyone idea of a good road warrior router small pocket router with 1gb of ram? i found gl.inet routers have 512mb of ram alone and the router list is so big i dont know if someone knows a good pocket road warrior router i will be thankful of it

It would be possible to search the Table of Hardware in the extended view and filter the memory.

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i think is the best you can get
-- why do you need 1Gb RAM?

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im gonna trip to china in a month and i need a good router with v2ray for the firewall, v2raya eats lots of ram

I'd buy a tiny x86, combine it with a small router/AP.

for example? good idea, but i never seen a pocket x86

does it support openwrt? i read people having problems

I was going to say something like Lanner 1010B, but it might be underpowered.

Otherwise, one of the Pis, Orange, Raspberry, Banana, etc.

i think i will try a pi, the lanner is too big in my.pocket

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thanks, the support page for it does not exist it does not have data and that pi is very good, quad arm, 2 gb ram , 8gb -- 128 nand