Resource Allocation


I want to know where is the Resource Allocation of wireless controller to tuning up the connection.

Can anybody help please?

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Denis Marques

I’m not sure what you’re asking about. The primary parts are:

  • driver
  • firmware
  • hostapd or wpa_supplicant
  • netifd (OpenWrt specific)

Hello Jeff,

Thanks for your attention.

I want to make a tuning up on wireless communication using a different algorithm, tuning up the OFDM.

I'll see these parts.


You want to use a new modulation that's non-IEEE specificied on the RF.

First, is doing so legal there?

That's called illegal interferance in some nations. You need to ask the chip maker in any case.

Hello lleachii

It's not a new modulation, but it's a new type to make the resource allocation, working in prediction.

In a shor search I'm found a 802.11ax working with resource allocation with OFDM, but probably the openwrt doesnt work with it.

So I want to know where is the resource allocation module on openwrt, or if it is not in openwrt, it is on the driver?

For clarity, can you provide a link to this information?

Sorry, I don't be clarity with my questions.

I found some devices compatible with 802.11ax and running openwrt.

But my question is, where I can find the resource allocation from this controller? Is it on openwrt or in driver?

Thanks advanced

At this moment there are no 802.11ax devices supported by OpenWrt, yet (and I wouldn't quite expect that to change within the next half year either).

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