[Resolved] TP-Link WR1043ND v1.8 - Configuring WAN port to connect to specific VLAN -> ISP Profile

Hello to all!

I recently attempted to use my faithful TP-Link WR1043ND v1.8 router to connect with my ISP network.
For this, I've installed OpenWRT 21.02.1 which seems to be working as expected. Luci is installed and everything seems to be working just fine.

Now, my internet connection allows me to connect a custom router directly into the Fiber ONT. I've been doing this for the last 2 years with a custom router using ArchLinux, where the only thing I need to get an IPv4 from the operator, is to configure the ethernet port which connects to the Fiber ONT to use the VLAN 12 and DHCP client on that vlan interface. This is basically my ISP configuration profile and it has been working like a charm.

But for the TP-Link WR1043ND device, this is where things get problematic. Now, according to the OpenWRT documentation, the WAN port seems to be set by default to the VLAN 2. When connected to the Fiber ONT, the WAN ethernet port receives packets from the ONT (I can see this in the port stats on LuCI). To my understanding (which could be wrong) in order to properly set the WAN port to the VLAN 12, I would need to add a new software ethernet device in LuCI, add it on top of the eth0.2 device configure it with VLAN ID 12, making it a eth0.2.12 device. I did all of this but it seems that the WAN interface still does not receive any kind of packets from the ONT, mainly the ones required for DHCP configuration, which I suspect it means that the VLAN is not properly configured.

So, my question here is:
Since my ISP sends IP (v4 and v6) communication on VLAN 12, how can I configure the WAN interface to receive packets from that specific VLAN ID?

In advance, thank you all for your assistance!

Okay so, this is kinda embarrasing...

So, it seems that in the switch options, I fail to set the WAN port for VLAN 12 as tagged. It was left untagged and I because was focused in a possible interface misconfiguration, I failed to see this issue.

Setting the WAN port to tagged resolved the issue.
Marking post as resolved!

Unrelated to the question at hand, be aware that the TL-WR1043NDv1 is probably not fast enough to route most fibre connections (I wouldn't expect more than 90-120 MBit/s), apart from being limited by 8/32.

Yes, thanks @slh for reminding of that. I was aware of that issue, since there were comments in this forum regarding the processing capabilities of this TP-Link router.

Specifically for my case, this would not be a problem since my Fiber connection only provides me with 100Mbps. But the reason to use it was for me to determine if I was able to get IPv6 from my ISP using the OpenWRT default dhcp client, since I'm currently unable to get IPv6 using systemd-networkd. Something that I need to research a bit more in a different context.

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