[Resolved] Revert from a sysupgrade.bin

I had a working router/wifi. I installed the correct sysupgrade.bin, but after this, my tablet, smartphones and windows based laptops cannot access wifi.

Here is the firmware that worked:

OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r7066-060e1ecefa / LuCI Master (git-18.151.24607-5452cc2)
Kernel Version 4.9.102

on a TP-Link Archer C7 v2 Qualcomm Atheros QCA9558 ver 1 rev 0

How do I revert back to this? Yes I made a backup.

You can't go back to an old snapshot since the associated packages are only kept on the server for one or two days.

The C7 V2 is a well known model that should work OK with a release build like 18.06.5 or 19.07.0rc2.

If you changed from ar71xx to ath79 (or vise versa) you will need to re-generate the /etc/config/wireless file.


Here is the revision:


How do I determine whether I need to regenerate the /etc/config/wireless? And where is a tutorial on doing this? I don't recall changing the wifi settings after the upgrade, only turning encryption on. Encryption on the sysupgrade was off by default. Is that the default setting?

The default setting is to disable both of the wifi radios so there is no wireless. If you're using LuCI you have to click the enable buttons near the top of the first network--wireless page.

That I did, along with setting encryption. I cannot provision the wifi devices.

Do the devices see the network on the air?

Yes. They all see OpenWRT -- I don't know if that is the 2.4gig or 5gig signal.

This is very confusing. After the sysugrade allowed me into the LuCI webgui with user/pw, today, it would not. I had to ssh, update and install and even had to re-install LuCI. Very frustrating this info isn't better organized at the sysupgrade.bin pages.

Make software reset, or reinstall fresh image with mtd.

ulmwind. Thank you. I got it working with a firstboot && reboot and reinstallation of luci as well as it's dependencies. As this became a "new" install, the wifi was off and unsecured. That is fixed. And this is all. Out.

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