[Resolved] Problem Linksys EA9500 revert to factory Firm after reboot

Hi everyone
i have just installed the latest available version of openwrt through this link openwrt linksys ea9500 to my EA9500 Non US version. The installation went well as far as i know.
The problem is that sometimes if i reboot my router i lost all my access to openwrt and return linksys UI.
I have read that it can happened but i dont know what to do.
If the problem happened i have to reinstall and reconfigure openwrt from scratch.

can someone help me.

Did you note that this router has dual boot partitions? Is it possible by chance that when it boots the stock firmware it's actually boring from the other partition, and OpenWrt is still intact on the first partition?

thanks for the reply. I have seen that its dual partition. so how can i boot to the openwrt partition ?
i dont know how to do this.


If you inturrupt boot 3 times it should boot from the other one.

Also check, there might be an option in your firmware to restart and not from the other partition.

I havent found the option to boot only on openwrt but i have modified the nvram parameters with these through ssh

nvram set bootpartition=0
nvram set partialboots=0
nvram set maxpartialboots=999999999
nvram commit


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