[RESOLVED] Necessity of Upgrading point releases?

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I see the current stable release is:

Current Stable Release - OpenWrt 19.07.3

I'm running 19.07.2

is there a security update here? I looked at the ChangeLog, but to my dismay, it's too detailed for a non expert.

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Yes, there is always security patches on a service release. If you are concerned about security, I would say a service release is more important to get than the next version.

They are at the bottom of the changelog (also scroll up for non-security bugs)


### Security fixes

* [Security Advisory 2020-05-06-2 - relayd out-of-bounds reads of heap data and possible buffer overflow (CVE-2020-11752)](https://openwrt.org/advisory/2020-05-06-2)

* [Security Advisory 2020-05-06-1 - umdns out-of-bounds reads of heap data and possible buffer overflow (CVE-2020-11750)](https://openwrt.org/advisory/2020-05-06-1)

* [Other security fixes](https://openwrt.org/releases/19.07/changelog-19.07.3#security_fixes)

The release notes that I linked, offer maybe a bit more understandable overview to the changes than pure git changelogs or the release changelog compiled from git commit messages.

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Thnx for the swift responses.

Is it possible to do this point upgrade within the LuCI?

Yes. (for most routers)

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