[RESOLVED] Developers -> Source tree override not working

I have a 19.07 repo where I'm trying to incorporate local work on a package (let's call it wibble).

I have the package fetched from github into its own directory, with the .git folder present. In the 19.07 tree I've made a directory in feeds, and symlinked ./feeds/packages/net/wibble/git-src to the ~/wibble/.git folder.

In menuconfig I've enabled Source tree override.

I had a similar work area last year and don't recall doing anything more.

But this time I don't see wibble in menuconfig or ./scripts/feeds to install it.

What am I likely to be missing?

EDIT: For example, should there be a OpenWRT "friendly" Makefile in the .git root? I can't see one and am about to look over the source history to see it if got lost along the way.

I think I figured out why it wasn't working.

When I originally worked on this package 19.07 was on master, and the package was in feeds as a "non-stable". That meant that I added it to my local build via a completely unmemorable (because it wasn't special) ./scripts/feeds/update && install wibble.

But the package didn't make it to 19.07 stable branches, so if I now do a feeds update in a clean repo this package is not available. A quick copy over of the relevant files from a HEAD repo has got it working again.

Tracking down why the Makefile was missing was the answer in the end, via a review of the branches, etc at https://git.openwrt.org/?p=feed/packages.git;a=tree;h=refs/heads/openwrt-19.07.

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