Resilio-Sync cannot start up with router due to nothing in /proc

Hi. I have a armhf based router flashed with the up-to-date openwrt. And I followed to install resilio-sync into it.

When I try to start it, it always failed with error related to empty /proc. So I fix it by adding command "mount --bind -t proc /proc /mnt/sda1/proc" in start and restart block of /etc/init.d/resilio-sync file, before chroot callings.

Now, I can start it with command "/etc/init.d/resilio-sync start" manually from terminal. But it cannot start with system. I see such lines in system log:

Wed Oct 20 17:58:48 2021 daemon.notice procd: /etc/rc.d/S99resilio-sync: Starting Resilio Sync
Wed Oct 20 17:58:48 2021 daemon.notice procd: /etc/rc.d/S99resilio-sync: start-stop-daemon: nothing in /proc - not mounted?

Any idea? Thanks a lot.

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Enable logging in the init script and collect the startup log.
Verify the mount command is successful before proceeding.
See also: [rclone] Init.d script - why does this fail?


Aye, seems possible or even probable that @vgaetera's solution in the copied thread might help. Environment variable needing setting?

Can enable logging with:

exec &> /tmp/log-name.log

And see:

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Thanks. In log, I found that the mount command is failed.

mount: bad usage

Now i'm checking how to use it right....

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Get it. "-t proc" is the problem. Removing this parameter fixes it.

Thanks you all.

I cannot update the CHROOT doc so I write a post here instead. Hope someone with privilege could update the official doc as well.


Nice website. Good that you take the time to reflect on life and technical matters and help others.

Life is too fast for me and passes like a blur. Need to slow down and take time to reflect.

Best wishes.

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