Reset borks DNS/DHCP web interface

I am new to Open-Wrt, so its possible this is a case of me not knowing how the tool works, if so I apologize.

I am using 23.05.3 on a WAC-124.

When going through the configuration web interface, on the DHCP and DNS page I hit the red reset button, expecting it to just reset the values to the defaults. Instead it seems to have blown away the UI for the page. It just simply says 'This section contains no values yet'.

I can not seem to get the text input with the 'Add' button to accept any UCI config values.

I have added configuration values to the /etc/config/dhcp file, with no change.

Is this how the page is supposed to behave? If so, how do I go about getting the UI for the web interface back?

Thank you for any help.

Have you tried rebooting?
Usually on reboot the config is populated with default values and the cache of the GUI is refreshed.
(restarting the service could also work)

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Yes, I have rebooted the device a few times, and force refreshed the browser page. No change unfortunately.