Require assistance with IPV6 on Australian Internet Provider Telstra


I've recently purchased a Brume (GL-MV1000) (

However I require assistance with setting up IPv6 on the WAN6 and DHCP6 on the LAN (br-lan).

My internet provider is Telstra, and I believe the following to be true:

  • /56 via prefix-delegation
  • slaac

I have been unsuccessful in setting up IPV6, for configuration of the device I have access to LuCI.

Many thanks for your time and looking forward to some ideas/solutions :slight_smile:

Many thanks,


I am on Fiber To The Premise (FTTP) thus don't use a Telstra supplied modem, I directly connect into the FTTP Network Termination Device.

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It's still the same for FTTP and Telstra. Just DHCP.

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I found the solution here

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