Request-Prioritize Traffic

Hello everyone
Will anyone is interested to have the ability to prioritize traffic via Luci-app SQM?
Etc. With layer cake script ...choose Ip we want ...protocol we want ....set DSCP and so on.
Maybe with dropdown menu?
I think it is not difficult for developers and many gamers and others will benefit from this.

Replay to this post if you want this option or if you have ideas to improve this option.
And maybe developers will listen us and do this.

Your problem is not so much that the OpenWrt firewall does not actually allow you to created dscp marking rules, but that for ingress via an IFB (as both sqm-scripts and qos-scripts do by default) the iptables-based firewall3 of OpenWrt runs too late in the process, after the ingress qdisc. The remedies are either to switch to nftables (as nftables has a way of running before ingress qdiscs*), use tc filter rules for dscp marking (which is as powerful as it is arcane and unser-hostile, and can not see internal NATed IP addresses)), or avoid running an IFB in the first place.

For any real gamer, I will follow @dlakelan's path and would recommend to use a raspberry Pi4B with an additional USB3 gigabit ethernet adapter as router (which will allow to run traffic shaping at rates approaching/exceeding gigabit rates). In that case instantiate the ingress traffic shaper on the "egress" side of the internally facing ethernet interface, et voila, nothing stops you from using iptables for ingress traffic...

For sqm-scripts itself, I see no rush towards a dscp-marker module (sqm offers dscp based prioritization, but does not take responsibility in making dscp-remarking easy :wink: ) But I assume pull requests will be welcomed :slight_smile: Realistically though, given the DSCP centric approach sqm took, on OpenWrt you will need to create a new "marking" luci app (or use the firewall GUI to its fullest extent)...

Godd luck.