Request: Openwrt on Netgear Nighthawk M5 MR5100

Dear developers

Is there a chance for having openwrt on Netgear M5 MR5100/MR5200?

At the moment the device in IP passthrough mode is throttling the ethernet port speed to not exceed 200 Mbps although the radio is delivering 700-800 Mbps and they forced us to use the router in DHCP mode which is ridiculous for those who have Public IP.

I opened several cases and even spoke on netgear forum regarding this issue, but netgear is refusing to change or modify firmware as they claimed its old router and doesn't bring up "new sales" for them.

I hope someday will see openwrt on M5 the same what I am now using openwrt on my Linksys Velop V2's and I am really happy with it.


Snapdragon X50 according to, check if it's supported by main line kernel (probably not).
Unless there's some other SoC in there, not showing on the photos.

Sorry mate, I couldn't get what you really wanted to mention. :frowning:

If there's no support for the chip running this thing, in mainline Linux, it can't be supported by Openwrt.