Request:: Can we officially add support for Telegraf?

Hello, can someone build/add support for Telegraf as it's available for ARM.
Collectd is nice but it was dropped from influxdb 2.0. Telegraf is great and would be great to have on OpenWRT.

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May I ask on what device you want to use it and how much (flash) memory it has available ?

While working on the package I encounter problems to reduce the size or adapting it for the most routers with only few memory capacity.

OpenWrt can do extroot too. This allows routers to use a USB or Sata or SD storage as /overlay read-write partition, and install many many packages that will never fit in the internal flash storage.

That said, the size of that telemetry agent is ridicolous. You truly did a great job to slim it down to 10 MB from 150MB.

Zabbix (another telemetry collection system) has a much smaller and lighter agent.

@Beniamin there is a Zabbix agent package for OpenWrt, you might want to look at that too.


Gli Brume, 8gb emmc and 1gb ram.

Yes, zabbix does exist but the server side client is really heavy on resources and I wanted everything under one pane of glass, aka grafana.

And I agree. We should not try to slim packages, rather we should extend the partitions via a USB.
I really wish openwrt had two flavors, a tiny and regular size.

what is a "server side client"? You mean the data collection server with the database and web interface or some other type of agent?

Because I'm not noticing a lot of resource usage on both agents and in data collection server

Many packages have multiple versions, with more or less features. Might be an idea for @jonnytischbein to make a "full" version of this package too for people that don't need to save space and want all the features

As you can see in my makefile I a standard (small) version and a full version.

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