Request: Backup/(Re)install user installed software packages

I know this is has been requested several times and I know there are third party scripts (I use one) but I think it would be a great openWRT enhancement to have the ability to backup the list of user installed software and then have the ability upload that list to re-install those software packages.

This mostly applies when we perform a sysupgrade. The configuration files get backed up (via backup) but not the list of additional software I have also installed (wiregaurd, vnstat, USB, filesystems, etc).

Thanks for listening! writes to /etc/config/opkg.installed, which is automatically backed up, so it is available after a sysupgrade.

if you include in your sysupgrade.conf, then the script itself will be available after a sysupgrade too. You just need to run it and you're done.


Thank you.

However, I would like to see a more permanent solution that is incorporated with the distribution and usable via command line or luci.

For future readers; scripts are available here: