[Req] Bridge mode help (H288a -> TPlink archer C6 v2)

I have ZTE H288a and a TP-link Archer C6 v2 (openwrt 21.02.01)
I want to make a (full)bridge.
In H288a i think im ok, but from openwrt i think im not..
When i was on 19.xx i successfully did it, now i can't.
I know that i have to make a pppoe and put my usename and password but all interfaces wont connect me to internet.
Do i have to set up anything in vlans?
Also i don't know what exatcly to setup. :sweat_smile:


Any help please?! :roll_eyes:

Anyone can help me solve this?

How would we know ?

Neither do we, so welcome to the club ... ,)

If possible, try providing less relevant information.
not sure it's possible though.... :expressionless:

please start here

"Bridging the modem" means the modem will become a direct link from your wan port to the ISP's first router in their system. It doesn't mean you make a bridge in your router. The interface that connects to the ISP should remain named 'wan' since that name is already set up in the firewall.

The protocol used on the wan interface needs to match what the ISP requires. For most DSL and some fiber it is pppoe, for all cable it is dhcp.

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I had bridge with my previous zte H168n and archer c6 but with 19.07
Now i have zte H288a (nothing diferent for bridge mode) with archer c6 but with 21.02.
So maybe something change and i don't know what to do exactly.

I found that but not help me. (i want Full bridge as i had previously)

The ath79 target (used by Archer C6 v2) is still swconfig, so the overall setup will be the same between 19 and 21.

Ok, so what im doing wrong?
Can you help me please?

The interface that is connected to the Internet should be named 'wan' and in the wan firewall zone. This interface should show it has obtained an IP from the ISP, this will be listed as "IPv4 Upstream" on the main status page.

I must check it and i will tell you.
But the name is just a name.. bridge, wan, lan , test etc does that matters?

witch one i should sellect here?

Don't create a new interface. Set up the one that is already there called "wan" with pppoe to meet your needs.

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Oh right, i remeber that now.. maybe that was my fault..
I will post when i will do it.