Repurposing USB Ports on Router for USB Tethering with OpenWrt

Hi all,

I'm eyeing the D-Link DIR-3040 High-Power Tri-Band Gigabit Router, which has USB ports intended for USB Sharing via FTP and SAMBA. If I flash it with OpenWrt, would I be able to use these USB ports for USB tethering with my phone?

Thanks in advance!

I think a simple search would give you the result...?


I'm not asking how to do usb tethering (I already know how to), I'm asking can I use the usb ports of the router above for usb tethering, even though the usb ports are meant to be used for FTP/SAMBA.

Your device has a normal USB controller. That means that it can talk to any USB device you connect to it. Whether it can use it or not depends solely on the drivers installed, and since OpenWrt has drivers for Android, iPhone and tethering other phones, then sure, it will work.

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Thank you, I got my answer now!

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