Repurposing Sky SE210 Booster 4 to work as an extender - how to override wireless config?

I have a GL Inet Flint as my main router. I need an extender to cover my whole house and I am trying to repurpose my ISP's wireless network extender to work with the SSIDs of my Flint router.

When I plug it in via ethernet to my Flint, it indicates that it gets network. However, I need it to connect wirelessly to my Flint and extend internet range in that way (running an ethernet cable is not possible right now).

In the booster admin page, it does not let you edit the SSID or WPA-2 password directly. However, I can view and edit the JSON payload that is POSTed when I save settings to enable/disable wifi access points and WPS on each. But changing the SSID or password parameters (e.g. "w2_4_ssid" and "w2_4_wpa_key") does not work. i.e. only those fields that are changeable with the web UI can be changed with this POST request.

Payload below. Is there anything else I can try to override the SSID and password settings for the booster config?


Can you clarify how this request is related to OpenWrt?

The device you are asking about -- the Sky SE210 -- is not supported by OpenWrt

(and neither is the GL-inet Flint device -- it uses a heavily modified version of OpenWrt that was created by gl-inet which is not part of the official OpenWrt project).

Not strictly OpenWRT related, just thought others in this community might have done something similar before. Is there anywhere else you suggest asking?

This forum is here for supporting the official openwrt project; it is not a general purpose networking support site. Since neither of your devices is running official openwrt, your questions are off topic for this forum.

Your best bet is to asking the vendor support channels or user forums that cover those products.

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