Reporting Incorrect Speed and Dux

I have my router connected to a downstream Gig switch. Connected to that via a Gig interface is a wireless extender. OpenWRT is reporting the downstream switch connected at 100/full. But the downstream switch is showing 1000/full. Also I’m getting the full 200Mbps when I run a speed test off a wireless host connected off the extender. Any ideas why it’s reporting incorrectly? I will say that when I move the downstream switch near the router, and use a much shorter cable it does show 1000/Full. The original cable is no longer than 25-30 meters. Scratching my head on this one….

Have you verified the cable? The long one I mean, the shorter one seems to be working fine.

I don’t have a cable tester. I’ll have to borrow one from someone. But that was my next thought.