Report Bug in Snapshot (could not change 5Ghz Wlan Channel


A short use 802.11k and 802.11v I installed the actual snapshot build to my Archer C6 and R7800 and with both I cannot change the 5Ghz channel to e.g. 42. It will stay on 36. With R7800 5Ghz also does not get up with 160Mhz width.

Should I report it in the bug tracker that it will be fixed or is this not wanted with Snapshot builds?


The first thing is not a bug. When using 80 MHz width, the block of 4 channels is the same. In other words setting 36, 40, 44, or 48 will have exactly the same result on the air. Some places call this channel 42 VHT80 but OpenWrt calls it 36.


802.11k and 802.11v can aid clients to make better roaming decisions (by providing statistical information about channel usage and the environment), it's not involved in channel- or bandwidth selection of the AP itself; 160 MHz channels are always difficult to achieve (as you're always spilling over into DFS frequencies and will encounter overlap with nearby BSSIDs by definition).

I know, but this was the decision for the snapshot as 11v and 11k does not work with the stable. Stable is fine with 160Mhz and snapshot not. Should I report this?

Good to know with the channels that 36 fine.