Replacing overlay device on WNDR4300

I got lost in the layers that make up /overlay. Here's what I want to do:

Because my /overlay is getting full (it's only about 14 MB on the Netgear WNDR4300) I want to replace the device with the much larger (96 MB) MTD11:

dev: size erasesize name
mtd8: 01700000 00020000 "ubi"
mtd11: 06000000 00020000 "reserved"

MTD8 contains rootfs and rootfs_data. I want to migrate the latter to MTD11.

Can somebody please walk me through the process to prepare MTD11 and relocate ubi0_1?

Thanks a lot!

Upgrade to 21.02.

Is 21.02 really ready for prime time? It's not even mentioned on the welcome page.

And maybe you can tell what 21.02 gives me? Does it automatically use MTD11?

You can try 21.02-SNAPSHOT currently, and rc1 is around the corner.

It concatenates them.

I see a few targets already in 21.02.1-rc1. But no ar71xx there or in SNAPSHOT. Has that target been renamed? Or will it be added at a later point, like when rc1 is ready?

Sorry to pester you like that, but I have no idea where such things are documented.

It's ath79

Thanks, @vgaetera!

I found this already, it uses an external storage device while I want to employ the (as of 18.06) unused 96 MB flash partition.

It should work with any storage as long as you format and configure it properly.

I've installed 21.02.1-rc1. It looks quite promising. I'll switch over from 18.06.2 next week.

BTW, what's the best way to be alerted when RC2 comes out?