Replacing Archer A7 firmware

I recently purchased an Archer A7 without doing any additional research, and after reading a little online, I learned that the main differences between the C7 and A7 are some additional firmware in the A7, an Alexa skill, parental control (which I'm probably not going to use) and probably more stuff that I don't remeber right now.

And my concern is: Did I just purchase a pricey C7 model with additional firmware that I will need to replace if I install the OpenWRT Firmware?

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Iā€™m not following your question. Did you buy this device with the intention of installing openwrt? If so, what features are you concerned about losing? Or what features do you need in a router firmware?

For openwrt they look identical from the specs on the respective wikis.

To answer your question, buying the c7, if it's cheaper, would have been more cost effective in my opinion. How much did you spend? Can you give it back?

Sorry different timezone, I was at sleep.

I did purchase the router with the intention of installing OpenWRT, and my primary use case for the OpenWRT firmware was WireGuard.
Some features of the A7 are compatible with Alexa, including the ability to turn off a user's Wi-Fi and some extra features.

My main concern was whether I had just purchased something more expensive simply because of its firmware when I was about to replace it with OpenWRT.
I'm not entirely sure about all the features in this router right now, but if there's a way to incorporate them into the OpenWRT firmware, I'd be happy to know about it.

Unfortunately, since this was an imported item (A7s are unavailable in my country on Amazon or any other reliable website).
Based on what I paid for the A7 and what is on display, it was slightly more expensive than the C7. I can probably return it, but I'm not sure if it will be painless given that I would have to send it all the way back.

Best not to think about it then and get on with installing openwrt and wireguard :slight_smile:

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Yea, I'm just going to cry about it a little bit, but probably going to do it, thanks, just wanted to be sure.

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Yep, any of those features are likely just part of the factory FW.

If you're looking for a bright side... the A7 (v5) has a cpu speed of 750mhz vs the 720mhz of earlier C7's. Woohoo... more power! :laughing:

Though if it would have been a C7 v5, that also runs at 750... and a C7 v4 runs at 775!
Wait, I was trying to cheer you up...

Really, that's a pretty incremental difference... so yes, don't worry, be happy, load it up, and start playing around!

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