Replacement for R7800

Hello all,

I have some problems with my Netgear R7800. Not sure yet if it is a hardware or software problem (Just updated to 22.03 and monitoring)
Meanwhile I was checking for a good replacement. But the Belkin RT3200, Linksys E8450, WRT32X, WRT3200 are all not available anymore, here in the Netherlands. What is a good replacement that is currently still for sale?



While a bit pricy and a small challenge to switch to "stock" OpenWrt the turris omnia still is a decent router. TOS, its "native" OpenWrt derivative OS, while lagging behind, offers nice things like automatic updates. It sports an SFP cage which will allow a single 2.5 Gbps Ethernet port, and the wifi cards (currently one ath10K and one ath9K) are replaceable (currently some users experiment with a WiFi6 replacement card for one of the two radios). Biggest gripe about TOS really is that the current stable version is based on OpenWrt 19, but it is easy to switch to the current stabilizing version (based on OpenWrt21) or even current snapshot builds (but with the risk of less stability).
All in all still a nice device.

Amazon UK has RT3200 and ships at least to Finland (but based on yesterday's forum discussion, not to Sweden...).

Netgear XR500 is the direct succesor for R7800. (double flash, no eSata)

Thanks, The RT3200 is also shipping to the Netherlands, so that could be a cheap fallback. It must be one of the last RT3200's on stock in Europe:-)

The Netgear XR500 looks also like a good alternative, bit pricier, but so was the R7800. Is it just as well supported by Openwrt?

It shares the same build recipe with R7800 but with double flash.
Identical support. (But I am not doing a community build for it )

See the commit:
R7800 was split into a large common recipe for R7800+XR500, plus small device specific parts defining the flash partitions for both (and eSata for R7800)

Just read this topic, whatever you do, run away from WRT32X or 3200ACM :wink:

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@brjhaverkamp WAX206 might interest you as well, but the SoC is a downgrade (I think) compared to the R7800 (but you get 802.11ax and one 2,5 Gbps port). There's one for sale second hand on Tweakers.

I've ordered a WAX202 myself, but that will be used as part of a wireless bridge and AP, not for routing.

The 206 isn't supported though, at least not yet.

Grabbed one myself, managed to get OS access, and booted an initramfs, but i lack the skills to create a working image.
The big issue is the Realtek 2.5gbe chip, it's not selectable under the MT SoC.

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I have no issues at all using WRT3200ACMs with 5GHz Wifi, sure it doesn't do WPA3 but performance is very good. I'd be careful about 11ax since support/performance appears to be below 11ac in general.

according to WRT1900ACS - WiFi stopped working for Android phones after upgrade to OpenWrt 22.03.0 - #10 by intgr the real issue's mixed mode.

might not be comparable though, apples and bananas.

Where are you getting that idea from? The speeds I'm hitting are well over what I got with AC. AX210 client, MT7915 radio.

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Looking at the RT3200 thread

There is a whole thread about ax vs ac.

In particular, speeds seem to drop strongly at certain distance and across 1 wall with worse performance as compared to ac mode (both stock and OpenWRT) or ax mode using stock firmware.