Replace wifi driver from openwrt 19 on 18

hi friends
i want replace mt76 driver and mac80211 driveer for wifi from openwrt 19 on 18
how can do this and must replace whick files ?

Kernel modules are compatible only with the corresponding kernel version and configuration; you cannot install packages made for version 19 on a version 18 installation, or even just copy the files. You need to prepare a build environment for version 18, then change the Makefile's to point to a different upstream version (if your drivers are being maintained outside), or prepare some patches to update the drivers on the kernel itself, then build the packages you need.

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very thanks . can give me a doc that learn me how do this work ?

While this might sound slightly snippy, it's not meant that way, but "if you have to ask, you can't do it".

The backports package in master is not tested against the kernel in 18.06.x, so it will need source level adaptions - and mt76 is a very actively developed, volatile, driver building out-of-tree on top of its corresponding backports package, with no provisions for compatibility with older kernels either. Is it possible, yes - if you know what you're doing and are willing to do quite significant porting work; 3-step guides to profit don't exist here though.

If you don't have the required experience or time, sticking to master/ snapshots and using the drivers in their natural (tested!) habitat is much more worthwhile.


How far can you reach by yourself, with the instructions I outlined above? Do you have a working build environment? Can you build the packages for the kernel modules? Have you located the sources for the drivers you want to update?