Repeater w/o knowledge about access point

I want to build a repeater, which want to give my sister to bring to India and access a WiFi network that she has poor reception of.

Here is the plan:

  • Build a directional antenna, she can use to access the WiFi router with (2.4 GHz band ?)
  • Configure OpenWRT as repeater in the other band (5 GHz) for local access

I read about the various Repeater configs, but don't know which one to choose, to give her maximum chances to get the repeater configured by accessing the Luci Interface and connect the interface to the WiFi network.

Question: Which config to choose, as I don't know if the WiFi network supports WDS (or is configured as such). RelayD? Actually setting up a router?

The "safest" configuration, in terms of maximizing the chances of working on any network, is probably the "double NAT" setup:
I would also have a look at the "travelmate" package.


Thanks for the super fast reply.

I looked at this. As I read it the instructions build a network on the lan ports with the WiFi being connected to the wan network.

In order to add local Wifi, I'd configure the local WiFi to the lan and be happy.


Yes, I think that is pretty much all you need.

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Thanks it works in my test setup. Seems really pretty easy that way.