Repeater Bandwidth

I'm currently using my OWRT router that we'll call Bob as an extender from my non-openwrt router which we'll call Builder. Bob is repeating the signal from Builder and then I'm connecting to Bob from my backyard home, the issue in question is that Bob is sucking up 50Megabits (according to speedtest) of speed, leaving Builder with 2Mbps for all the other devices connected to Builder.

How can I alter the amount of bandwidth allocated to Bob?

you could use luci-app-qos to have Bob reduce the traffic.

There will be occasional spikes, since the setup is reactive.

Would Builder experience the spikes, or would Bob?

I assume bob would generate them, but since all traffic goes through builder, he'd be affected too.

the spikes would be <1s, but if you use something that doesn't do a lot of caching, you'd still notice it.
in online gaming, for instance.

I noticed I had to set my bob to 60% of the total bw to completely remove any choppiness (choppyness ?) on the IPTV box.

I am quite far from Builder as well, would that play any role in hogging bandwidth?

I would imagine the further away you are, the lesser you'd hog the bw, since the wifi signal gets weaker.

Strangely enough, Bob was hogging/choking bandwidth and essentially giving me crappy speeds (1Mbps) or below, and Builder was getting an instant 2Mbps from the otherwise 45-50Mbps.

then perhaps the link itself is the issue ...

check the logs of bob, see if they show anything useful.

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