Repeated pauses in operation of router


I have just installed the 21.02 release on a WE826-t2 unit with 120Mb of memory and it works fine with the exception of pauses in traffic handling and in the SSH shell.

The unit has no custom configuration other than the WiFi being configured.

The same problem exists on another of the same type of unit.

When I ping the unit, pings time-out regularly every 5 seconds. The same problems occur with COAP messages that are pushed through the unit.

In the ssh shell, the shell is non responsive for about every 10 of 15 seconds. This repeats as well.

This is true whether connected via WiFi or ethernet.

The top command does not show any indication of high CPU usage and I have more than 2/3 of my RAM free.

I have seen similar problems on regular Linux systems when DNS is operating poorly, but this is just a guess.

Any suggestions on how to resolve?



Do you have a DNS issue?

You don't provide much information, maybe the DNS replies are Private IPs?

If so, Rebind Protection must be disabled in the DNS settings. Otherwise, you don't offer much.

It could also perhaps a IP subnet conflict between the LAN and WAN side. You fail to note if this router is connected to the ISP, an upstream device, etc. - so it's hard to tell by your first post.

  • Did you install some package, or are you just noting this?
  • Is this LAN traffic, or going to the Internet?


Thanks for the response.

I know that I do not have a general DNS issue. However, I do not know if I have a narrow DNS issue because I am able to send ping messages by name to various hosts on the internet from the router's own network and they are resolved. I only brought up DNS because I have seen this in the past on linux systems and it is low level enough as to interfere with SSH traffic.

The router has been connected to an upstream network via the WAN port and via direct connection to an ISP and the issue is the same in both situations.

I did install a coap client on the unit as that was an intended use of the router. The COAP traffic is being pushed out through the WAN to either a network or the ISP.

More than anything I am just looking for any general suggestions on how to investigate this further because the usual tools were not helping.