Rename Lede firmware name

Hello. If i want to rename lede firmware name in my custom buld, how can i do that?

Instead LEDE Reboot SNAPSHOT r3925-64175ff / LuCI Master (git-17.096.72108-3fc0465) to be MyCustomOne


include/ is your friend. It applies either the built-in defaults or the config parameters that you provide in your menuconfig.

So, two main ways:


But whatever you do, please keep the core commit-based version and the actual branch are available (like "r3923-8b8ce566d9" and "17.01" etc.).

That is especially necessary if you think about providing a community build or so. Nothing is more frustrating from support perspective than trying to understand what underlying version a build called "MyCustomOne 3.2" actually corresponds to...


Thanks for your reply. Sure i'll keep version, it's normal.

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