Removing software to make room for mpd-full, possible?

Is it possible remove some software from the LEDE installed package. I installed the mpd-mini but it doesn't include the decoders for AAC ffmpeg etc.

I assume the mpd-full does have these decoders but there is not enough room on my TP-Link TL-WDR3600 even though it has 8mb flash and 128mb ram

Is there any software that could be removed to make room.
total system memory shows 92468 kB / 125640 kB (73%)
free shows 90484 kB / 125640 kB (72%)

No, the ony way is extroot if You don't want to make your own build.

what is extroot?

Search for it into Google, please; there is a ton on information available.

I'm on it, thanks for the idea. Hope it works.

For reference: