Removing multiple OPKG packages (translations)


So I have a problem. Bloatware.
I have a list of what needs to be removed off the router - all language files, as well as packages' language files. They all have a common filename "luci-i18n"

opkg list | grep luci-i18n

How do I remove them 262 files by command?

Remove the packages, not the files ?

Packages, yes, true:)

I figured it same as saving packages. If it might be helpful to someone, here it is (pardon my french):

opkg list-installed | grep luci-i18n > /etc/config/shit
cat /etc/config/shit | xargs opkg remove
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Did you install these after the initial flashing of your router, or was it included in the firmware image?


I am using wrt32x linksys, which is not supported by openwrt, so there is a Unofficial divested openwrt firmware for it, and builds come with translation inclusive by default.

This incorrect, the wrt32x has been supported by OpenWrt for half a decade by now (wireless is its own horror story, but that's the same for both).

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Offtopic but still. The only option to be having properly working router was divested. Otherwise i wouldn't have bothered:)
Wrt32x, nor wrt3200ac are not on the firmware selector. Possibly not in the directory as well. Two years running strong now


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No problem versions, i reckon?
Or one eyed one legged pirate version (which was the case), when wifi is non existent. Might switch.

With that info, removing the internationalization will actually consume space. It's counter-intuitive at first, but the files are actually stored in ROM (read-only memory, which is, as the name suggests, not writable and therefore you cannot erase files).

When you erase files that are contained within ROM, a new file is actually written to the read/write partition that 'marks' the file as deleted. This new file therefore takes up additional space and thus will be counterproductive.

With that in mind, I'd recommend that you try the official OpenWrt. You can always roll back to the firmware you're using now if you don't get good performance.

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