Remove the "Wiki title" from page titles

Hi @tmomas,

I just noticed that Dokuwiki currently appends [OpenWrt Project] to all page titles which looks kind of awkward, especially in Google search results. For example the current landing page is listed as Welcome to the OpenWrt Project [OpenWrt Project] in the very first Google hit.

I wonder if this intentional and if not, if I can change it. My hunch is that it happened with the transition to the OpenWrt theme, maybe because it uses different code for rendering the title.

Hi jow,

the previous bootstrap3 theme shows this indeed differently:



How to change this in the template:

  • edit lib/tpl/openwrt/main.php
  • search for tpl_pagetitle
  • adjust as you wish (I set it according to the previous template now, i.e. OpenWrt Wiki: < pagetitle >