Remove .postinst-pkg files in /usr/lib/opkg/info


I have some *.postinst-pkg files in /usr/lib/opkg/info
I tried to remove them with opkg install --force-postinstall or --force-reinstall
I get the message : "Package xxx installed in root is up to date."
But they are not removed, nothing change.

How can i remove these files ?


Aren't they supposed to be there? I have quite a lot of them in my router for the installed packages.

For each package there is .control, .list, .postint and .prerm and for 10 % of them there is an extra .postinst-pkg.
I think either there is no .postinst-pkg or there is .postinst-pkg for all packages.

They are scripts to be executed after the installation, judging by the name and the contents.
The opkg option force-postinstall is used to run again these scripts, even in offline mode. force-reinstall will just reinstall the package. And these scripts are part of the package.
If you really want to delete them for some reason, why don't you just rm -rf /usr/lib/opkg/info/*postinst-pkg ?
Just keep a backup in case you break your system...

Ok Thank you

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