Remove firewall4 and LuCI App


I am trying to remove firewall4 and the LuCI app, for it, but when I do, it tells me "No packages removed" in the CLI. This is on a dumb ap, with the Current RC2, what can I do, to get it removed?

The best way to remove these packages is to use the image builder to generate an image that explicitly lacks them. Removing the packages otherwise would actually consume space since the packages themselves reside in ROM and cannot be deleted (so new files are written to 'mark' the packages as deleted).

But, it is probably useful to discuss why you wish to remove them? Are you trying to save space? Or reduce running processes? Or something else?

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I actually did exactly that. I am trying to RAM/Flash usage on a MR66(MR16 Outdoor) and MR24, along with improving CPU usage. Also is it safe to remove conntrack?

Thanks though.

The easiest way to 'remove' these packages is to simply disable them in init.d (startup menu). If you're just using your device as a dumb AP, the firewall and and conntrack probably won't have much impact on overall performance since they are entirely idle. But yes, you can safely disable conntrack, too.