Remotly flashing a Mikrotik device

Scenario... I've deployed over 1000 of the Mikrotik HAP AC2's and now I would like to flash them to OpenWrt.

What I am thinking is..

I will ship a small ARM Linux based PC to each location. I then will run a TFTP server on it and place one of it's NICs into the same native vlan as the mikrotik device

I will have already set the MK device to boot from ethernet and all the rest of the settings that are recommended.

Since I will not be able to login to from the lan side I'm hoping that the initramfs-kernel.bin file can be modified to take dhcp and have it's firewall off. I can then scp the squashfs-sysupgrade.bin file and then load it from the cli

I do build my own images but haven't tested the kernel image file to see if the same firewall setting that I build in the squashfs-sysupgrade.bin file are in it.

What do yall think? Do you have any input on this?

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I think you're crazy smart n rich ...and I will be on call...



If your device is able to boot up and you are able to log in, then you can easily put the device into Etherboot mode. To do so, just connect to your device and execute the following command:

/system routerboard settings set boot-device =try-ethernet-once-then-nand

After that either reboot the device or do a power cycle on the device. Next time the device will boot up, then it will first try going into Etherboot mode. Note that after the first boot up, the device will not try going into Etherboot mode and will boot directly of NAND or of the storage type the device is using.

Using EOIP tunnels from the datacenter and bridges and vlans on local routers I've been able to successfully been able to convert from ROS to OpenWrt remotely.