Remote IP connections logging store system

Good afternoon,
I am looking for software to store the IP traffic of a LAN network for each user for Openwrt routers, latest version.
The data that is required to be stored for historical and auditing purposes is basically what can be seen in the real-time query in LUCI->Status->Realtime Graphs->Connections.
I have tested systems such as Zabbix, Checkmk and Nagios, reporting only monitoring information on the status of the Linux server (Openwrt) and bandwidth for each interface with the configurations that I have found on the internet.
If anyone in this large forum knows solutions, I would greatly appreciate your comments. I feel that as parents we must be aware of which websites our children and users of our network are connecting to.
Wireshark does the job but I find it too complicated for a normal non-programmer user like me.
Thank you.

Have you tried softflowd and a netflow collector (e.g. nfSen)?

You might wish to log DNS requests as well.