Reload processing in rpcd


I am trying to write an init.d script. I took the very simple rpcd.init as a basic example.

However when I run "/etc/init.d/rpcd reload" it looks like the reload() function is not called.

Looking further in rc.common, I see that the reload keyword expects a reload_service() function instead.

Could someone explain what I am missing here ?

Did you check:

There are two init systems, the old that uses reload() and the preferred one using procd.

Yes, I had a look to this tutorial, but then rpcd is not compliant to what is written! rpcd has

  • unneeded reload() function
  • missing (?) reload_service() function

Looks like a bug to me.
Well, I will go with the tutorial anyway.

Yes looks like a bug, will open a issue, reload() and stop() is not used by procd as far as i know.