Reliable **router**, less than €50

OK, copy-paste the text into google translate works. However information about reliability would be helpful

@nicefile & @jetsnguns you wrote in OpenWrt support for Mercusys MR70X about the MR70X, are you using it, and how reliable is it ?

You can safely say MT7621 is the new workhorse. Similar to the QCA MIPS SoCs, but higher clock, a bit more powerful, dualcore and 4 threads (for the MT7621(D)AT), and hardware offloading to some extent.

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You should contact directly. Dunno about 802.11ac, but you can ask them. There was a WE826 within plastic case, may be, still available. You do not need to buy LTE, only upon request. I only deployed the MT7620A version, lowest cost.

Minimum Order Quantity: 1000pcs

Wow. A little bit too far for us...

EDIT: never mind, I was looking at the wrong one

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MR1800X have no issues with wireless or whatnot from more than 1year. I've flashed breed to keep classic ramips flash layout and OC @1100Mhz. Also cross flash it to dir853-r1 + mt7915 via firmware selector .
Currently with OpenWrt SNAPSHOT, r21271-6f729163b1
I've seen good reports in MR70X/MR1800X PR from regular users.

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1000pcs is minimum for custom logo printed on device.

I contacted them. But tomorrow is Chinese New year...

I guess you are happy with MT7620A. Have you experienced any quirks at all?

I do not like the power connector, in case of we826 within vehicle
(vibrations). Wifi is not the very fastest, when running openwrt, but that is attributed to the driver. However, "workhorse" for hotspots, with a dozen users or so.

Never had luck with 762x. WHere are those cheap 9331s, which i modded dozens..aven those gl intet wnt expemsive mas disapperaed. The hw in enough for simple APs, no need push newest fw, or ipv6. Remeber those rt5350 for few $,half had no need mod ram. just flash. Nice printservers.

Archer C6 V3 is quite a good router for the price.

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I've both WAC104&WAC124 at home, but strangely once a week at random they crash and cannot even reboot properly (infinite boot loop)...
Despite that they are very nice, I could install Samba on the WAC124 for backup, a level 2 firewall ebtables, 4 Wifi on 2 frequencies (2&5) ... Maybe I missed something for reliability.
I reboot nightly, but it's not improving...
I suspect it is over heating, but it is not happening when people are using them much.

I've got two (because the first one was such a joy to setup) CUDY WR2100 WiFi Routers running OpenWrt. They are rock solid, and fall close to the price-point you seek.

What about ac wifi being somewhat unstable?

I've managed to put an image that fits our needs into an 8/64 device (TP-Link TL-WR1043ND v2). Yet I didn't checked RAM consumption with the device working. But it looks as if we could upgrade the chips in our old devices and get some more years of use from them. But, should it to take an hour for each device, it could be cheaper to just buy new devices. Some tests are to be done after we get the chips. Meanwhile the chinese holidays will be gone and we will see what the ZBT guys can offer. Then we will make a decision about whatdevice to test.

Thank you all for your answers, your experience is helping us a lot

Weird indeed.
I have experience with several R6220. The WAC104 is a clone (minus WAN port), so I assume its behavior should be almost identical. Thanks for sharing bad experience.

I've seen nu such instability.
Perhaps that report is no longer relevant.

OpenWrt 23.xx (when released) is expected to be the last release supporting 8MB flash (See here). And from "Purchase of a device with less than 16 MB of flash or less than 128 MB or RAM is unwise at this time (2019)."

It is the year 2023, 802.11ax is gaining momentum and 802.11ac is mainstream. It sounds like you will be using these devices for a number of years into the future.

You clearly know exactly what you are doing and are quite comfortable providing custom image support to a large number of devices. Still, were it me, I would not want to risk future difficulty making custom images that fit in 8MB of flash, or users needing (or able to make great use of) at least 5GHz 802.11ac WiFi at some future time.

Considering how many devices you are purchasing and setting up, and assuming you would like to avoid repeating the process for as many years as reasonably possible, the WR1043ND would not be on my list. There are other inexpensive, but 5 GHz 802.11ac capable options with at least 16/128 to be found.


Well, it seems that these devices (TL-WR841) can be upgraded to 16 MB flash and 64 MB RAM. After putting luci, debugging, and a couple things more, out, I see RAM consumption is less than a half the available RAM. Yet I have to see how much RAM is needed when working at cruise speed, but have no worries at it. Our old 4/32 devices are under much, much greater RAM pressure, and they continue to work.

The matter is, they can't be considered safe. So, something has to be done, be it either to upgrade memory chips or to purchase new routers. However, our people has already contributed money for the fiber deployment that is in the works. So, telling them they need to put more money isn't going to be an easy task. Most of them are real working class.

That said, the work needed to put new chips could made that upgrade nonsense. We will see. And I agree with you, if a good-working, reliable 16/128 router model could be had at a reasonable price, going that way would probably be the sensible thing to do.

But, I'm not the one making the decision about what to do, I'm just the guy testing things. Then I'll simply let our people know about the results, and they will decide. You know, this isn't a business, but a neighborhood.

Anyway, than you very much for the advice


Good to know, we will consider it. Thank you.

Thank you for the laugh. I understand now.