Reliable 1gbit router for colocation - no wifi

As the title says, I'm looking for a reliable single unit solution for routing 1gbit symmetrical in colocation.
Main requirements:
-High reliability
-Minimum 900 Mbit symmetrical with decent headroom
-1 WAN & 5 LAN ports
-Single device solution (which rules out Rpi which needs an external dongle & switch)

It will run a basic firewall and wireguard, wireguard bandwidth is no concern.

I was looking at a device like this:

or this:

Would a dual core 1.4 GHz 2955U Celeron or 1.8GHz 1037U suffice? Or would I be better off with a newer i3-4010U or i3-5010U?

Are there other easier/cheaper/lower power off the shelf routers I could consider instead?

for just routing, any celeron box will probably do.
if you really want that headroom or plan on doing anything like deep paket inspection, sqm or whatnot youre better of skipping on the celeron/atom ones.
intel network interfaces tend to be better.

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What about a device like Linksys EA8300 or WRT32X (even though I don't want the WIFI)? Will it do gigabit routing over WAN? I'm mainly looking at speed of single file transfers for a small amount of devices.

Edit: just found another thread in which someone tested the Celeron 1037U with SQM, routes gigabit at 65% CPU so looks like that's what I'll go with.