Release Plan and Bugs in lede-17.01 not in master

No, not a question of when for 18.xx, but of how

I've found a bug on the lede-17.01 branch related to supporting mesh and AP on the same radio. It doesn't seem to be present in recent master commits.

If the next release is to be cut from lede-17.01, I'll work out a minimal, sanitized test case and file a formal bug for the breakage apparently introduced by

commit 0f175041ad03d381a575e2c2b1a1c9ca76fe0e99
Author: Antonio Quartulli <>
Date:   Fri Nov 9 15:23:34 2012 +0100

    mac80211: don't pass the hostapd ctrl iface in adhoc

If the next release is to be cut from master, then I can either file it for "information", not file it at all, or file a full report.

Recommendation from from the dev leads?

If there is a new major release 18.0x, it will branched off the current master.
If there is 17.01.5 maintenance release,, if will be from 17.01 branch.

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The Product Manager side of me takes over then and will get the report in as soon as I can get the "steps to replicate" as simple as I can

Change log for 17.01.5

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Lede 17.01.4 is getting really old. Are there any plans for releasing Lede 17.01.5 anytime soon? It would be a nice stopgap for waiting until a new branch based on the current master branch is released.